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Simply Put, We Create and Add Value

Welcome to the Akili Group

Our MissionOur Vision

Our Strategic Intent

Akili Producers

First, to Akili Producers (the rural folk all around Kenya) who have previously labored whole days only to enrich the brokers and buyers while often operating at a loss themselves.

Akili Investors

Second, to Akili Investors, who risk their hard-earned capital to fund the Akili idea and make it a reality.

Akili Buyers

Third, to Akili Buyers– who should buy Akili products primarily because they are of exceptional quality, and because by buying the product the producers are getting a fair value for their labour.


We work to improve the quality of life in farming communities through an entire value chain approach

Why is an entire value chain focus is important as the way out of poverty for rural poor?

Value Chains Of Focus

Vegetables and Herbs

Growing and Dehydration of vegetables & Herbs

Bee Keeping

Production , aggregation and Value Addition


Mango Value addition and storage.

Green Energy

Last Mile Distribution of Green Energy Products.

Grain Storage

Grain Storage Beyond Harvest.


High-Quality Inputs

Our Partners On the Journey

Get Involved


Your Expertise is Needed


Support Community Training


Realize profit and social impact


Benefit a rural community